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The Simple Socket and Smart Cable manufactured by Ubitricity is an all in one charging technology that enable EV users to charge their vehilcle and manage their usage billing.

Mobile consumers bring the billing technology to the charging spot. All charging transactions are registered and billed according to consumption.

  • Intelligent charging cable with integrated MID meter and M2M mobile communication
  • Workload 3.7 – 4.6 kW (230 V, single phased, 16 - 20 A)
  • Infrastructure mounted Plug Type 2, vehicle mounted Type 2 or Type 1
  • Compatible with standard charging infrastructure (IEC 61851-1 Mode 3)

How Does it Work?

1. Plug in the Smart Cable

  • The vehicle user attaches the energy contact to the charging point.
  • After plugging in the SmartCable the charge process is authorised and  the SimpleSocket is enabled to start charging.

2. Charging Process Starts

  • The SmartCable with its mobile metering technology, precisely measures all charged volumes and securely transmits all related data to billing.
  • At the same time the user is able to  inspect their data in the customer portal ConnectivityManager

3. Receive Invoice

  • All charging activities are measured, listed and summarised as a single statement.
  • This also applies to charging stations from other providers