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This is a combination of existing materials and charging equipment in a package suitable for EV-driving homeowners to take advantage of their own power supply. The charger is installed onto the building wall and powered from the household consumer unit allowing the user to take advantage of their own energy connection to reduce transportation costs.

The packages consists of:

  • A secure and OLEV compliant domestic Wallbox charge point with Type 2 socket (16A or 32A versions available) – weatherproof and electricity theft is not possible.
  • Smart energy meter - for energy usage monitoring.
  • An extra long EV charging cable – stored in the home, so no need for it to take up boot space.
  • A special cable gulley installed in the pavement – to prevent trip hazards for pedestrians on the street.

How does it work?

This solution is really simple, quick and is easy to lay out. The driver simply parks outside their home, plugs the long cable into the charger, slots the cable length into the gulley and plugs their vehicle in to charge. Charging typically takes 4-6h to 100%. The process is reversed to stop charging. The gulley can also be easily cleaned out from time to time.