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This is a more familiar solution to a Plug-in vehicle driver. It uses the Evolt eVolve charging post. This is a brand new product using tried and tested components from our Standard and Urban range of chargers, just in a more compact aluminium shell. The eVolve post is a standalone charger installed at the kerbside offering:

  • Durable, weatherproof and small form factor installation – withstands weather and takes up less space on the pavement.
  • RFID card reader and information screen – provides authorised access only and user instructions to help get the vehicle charging.

How does it Work?

  • Two side-mounted Type 2 sockets with 32A output each – can charge two vehicles at full power simultaneously.
  • Built-in energy metering and communications modem – allows energy consumption to be metered for billing purposes and lets the user know how much energy has been used.
  • Can be connected to virtually any Open Charge Point Protocol back office system for equipment monitoring, diagnostics, remote fixes and usage data collection.