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Zeta’s SmartScape EV Charging Bollard is an innovative EV charging solution which has been designed, developed and manufactured at Zeta’s UK production facility, ensuring highest quality and unique, stylish aesthetics.

Ideal for on-street charging, the bollard is Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP 1.5 and 1.6) compatible and built to be robust and long lasting for urban environments.

The SmartScape Charging Bollard is simple to install by surface mounting and is one of the most compact solutions on the market. Built in an aluminium casing, the bollard is both aesthetically pleasing and hard wearing.

The bollard uses a Type 2 connector and provides 7.2Kw of power, so falling under the ‘’fast’’ EV charging class (between 7-22Kw).

Each unit comes with single socket entry and is available with tethered or free socket options. Zeta’s SmartScape EV Charging Bollard is safe and secure and simple to manage, with RFID card to prevent unwanted usage.