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Go Ultra Low Oxford is a government-funded project which provides on-street electric car charging solutions for residents who are considering buying an electric vehicle or own an electric vehicle and need access to electric charging points to charge their vehicles but have no driveway.

Part of the Office for Low Emission Vehicles funding has been used in the now concluded pilot phase, where six charging technologies were trialled around the city.

We are now in the phase two stage of the project and we are planning on delivering and installing approximately 100 chargers over the next two years. We expect installation of chargers to begin in summer 2020.

To follow the project's progess you can view updates on the project.

For charger installation status you can visit our installation status page.

Why Go Ultra Low?

By 2027 more people could be buying electric cars than petrol or diesel; our project will help us prepare for the future.

Go Ultra Low Oxford will help make our city:

  • Cleaner: We can help to reduce air pollution by making it easier for people to drive electric cars.
  • Safer: Local people will have a safe way of charging electric cars without creating trip hazards by leaving wires across pavements
  • For everyone: If you choose to drive electric in the future and don’t have a driveway, our chargers could help you!