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The Office for Low Emission Vehiclesproject awarded us £816,000 to carry out a trial and eventual roll-out of on-street electric car charging technologies in residential areas of Oxford. The project’s aim was to  use the trial to understand how different charging technologies work in ‘real life;’ how well they fit into people’s daily routine and how quickly people can adapt to using them.

The project also aimed to understand how well the technology performs technically, and how easy it is for the councils to install.

We worked in conjunction with the University of Oxford Transport Studies Unit and the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand to trial to review six different charging technologies over a 12 month period.

The new chargers were trialled by local people and our project partners Co-wheels car club and twenty Oxford based drivers volunteered to use different types of electric car chargers and give some feedback on their experience. Since most homes don’t have off-street parking, all our volunteers had to park their cars on the street.

Co-wheels car club introduced ten new electric cars in the city and they each used our new charging points for charging and collecting charger user experience feedback.

For project report updates visit our updates page.