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Go Ultra Low Oxford is a project managed by Oxford City Council, in collaboration with key partners based in Oxford and across the UK. Our project will help us to find the best way of providing electric vehicle charging for people living in Oxford who have to park their car on the street.

Working with our partners gives us the additional expertise we need to make this project happen, and to collect the information we need from our volunteers about their experience of charging electric cars.

Information about each partner and their role is provided here, and further information can be found on their websites which are linked below.

Go Ultra Low Oxford is led by Oxford City Council. The Council’s Sustainable City Team worked with Oxfordshire County Council to secure funding for the project. The team are making the project happen by buying the charging equipment and contracting an organisation to maintain and operate it so that drivers can charge their cars. They have recruited the volunteers who will be trialling the charging equipment and coordinate the work done by the other partners.

Oxfordshire County Council is a key partner in the project, and worked with Oxford City Council to bid for the project funding. Oxfordshire County Council is Oxford’s local highways authority and teams involved in transport and environment are helping with delivery of the project. Oxfordshire County Council engineers have supported us to find the right locations for our charging equipment and staff have helped us with applications to create new EV charging bays to reserve parking next to our chargers.

Researchers at the University of Oxford’s Transport Studies Unit and the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand will be analysing our trial volunteers’ experience of using the charging equipment and the benefits of different types of chargers in different streets. Their reports on the results of the trial will help us decide the best way to expand the project after the trial, when we want to install up to another 100 chargers across Oxford.

Co-Wheels Car Club are partners to the project and ten of our trial locations will be for car club cars. Co-wheels members will contribute their feedback on the chargers to help us understand how we can help more car club vehicles to become electric in the future. More information on how to use the electric car club cars will be available soon.

Low Carbon Oxford’s Oxford Green Week is a week-long festival of pop-up events around the city held in June each summer. Its Test Drive the Future event is a major part of our wider promotion of the Go Ultra Low project.