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Evolts brand new innovative Opticharge lampost-based EV charger is a first in the industry:

  • Lampost door mounting – no damage to lamp column, does not affect corrosion resistance or integrity. Cuts down on street clutter.
  • Durable, weatherproof and small form factor installation – withstands weather and takes up less space on the pavement.
  • Uses lamp column power – lower civils/electrical costs.
  • Uses tried and tested components from Evolt's Wallbox series of chargers – proven reliability.

How Does it Work?

  • Charging access is identical to other chargers (RFID card, App etc…) – EV drivers already know how to use it and electricity theft is not possible.
  • Metering is internal and the unit can be back office connected for data connection, diagnostics, remote fixes and billing for charging – helps monitoring, billing and reliability.
  • Can be connected to virtually any Open Charge Point Protocol back office system for equipment monitoring, diagnostics, remote fixes and usage data collection.
  • Uses readily available Mode 3 Type 2 cable – no need for special cables.
  • Typically charges an average Plug-in vehicle overnight depending on lamp coluimn energy supply capacity available.